In Ekaterinburg died brother of Boris Yeltsin

titleIn Ekaterinburg on 72-m to year of life has died the younger brother of the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin, Mikhail, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the family friend.A source in the health administration of Ekaterinburg has informed Agency that Mikhail Yeltsin had a heart condition. "It was already bad before the New year", - said the interlocutor of RIA Novosti.According to the portal in late January, Mikhail Yeltsin was hospitalized in urology Department of the Yekaterinburg regional hospital with the diagnosis "adenoma".In late 2008 he suffered an ischemic stroke, which caused a malfunction in the nervous system.According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Mikhail Yeltsin entire life he worked as a fitter at a construction site in Yekaterinburg. Three times he was married.His brother Boris Yeltsin died on April 23, 2007 on 77-m to year of life. Source: Yekaterinburg died brother of Boris Yeltsin. . . Читать полностью -->

Bilan gave three awards MTV Russia Music Awards

titleIn Moscow in the concert hall "Russia" on 28 November there was a presentation of music awards MTV Russia Music Awards, according to the website The ceremony marks the fifth in the history of the award and was timed to the tenth anniversary of the channel.Dima Bilan received prizes in three categories: best singer, best pop artist and best video (clip Number One Fan).In the category of "Sex" won Elena Korikova and a group of "Vintage" and in the category "Network" - Noganno. The best singer acknowledged Marina Maksimova, acting under the pseudonym Maksim. The best group was female trio Serebro, and the prize for artistry received Sergey Lazarev. Best in the category "Hip-hop" steel group "and CENTR Basta", best debut acknowledged the Duo of DJ Smash and Fast Food.Also was given the award in the category "Plagiarism", which was Zhanna Friske for creatively reworked the song Paris Hilton Stars Are Blind. Honorary award "Legend of MTV" received group "Tatu". Читать полностью -->

Masha Makarova has created a new group

titleTireless Masha Makarova started your own electronic side project, which is so about herself and says: YA MAHA.Although this is not the first experience of its kind - is to recall the collaboration with DJ Groove at the beginning of career "Masha and Bears" or countless remixes of the team - this time fans of Malinovo creativity expects something totally unexpected. Like Boris Grebenshikov with DEADушками, Masha with electronic dance sound decided to reincarnate some of their old things, personally participating in the process of creating their new image.Ya Maha - this trio, in addition to Masha Makarova joined synth-formation Lie Detector (polygraph). Regular participants in it two: Sergiy Minko (known for his collaboration with Utah, Nike Borzov, Dmitry Malikov and others, as well as being the author and producer of music for many movies) and Victor Burko (former keyboardist and second vocalist of the legendary "Technology", session musician group "Quarter" and "semen Magnet", and in addition actor, Creator and participant of the program "12 angry viewers" on MTV, a music expert radio ULTRA and much more). After 4 years of existence Lie Detector has earned a very respectful attitude on the part of adept quality Sinti, primarily for a diverse sound and non-trivial approach to their live show. Debut album Lie Detector successfully sold in America, songs rotated on the profile evropeysi and American radio stations.The project is planned primarily as a live, concert, and only then - as a Studio. Now the musicians are actively working concert project configuration. Читать полностью -->

Kirkorov has become a victim of fraud

titleA young man, posing as courier company "Nickel", came home to the artist and demanded money for the books, which the singer allegedly ordered.At this time the artist was in Italy, so to speak, the false carrier had with the driver Kirkorov, Sergei Sinora.The driver was surprised that the actor was not warned him about what you need to take the order, but the young man insisted that Kirkorov really ordered the book. Sergei Zinoro had to pick up the package cost 27 thousand and, respectively, to pay. Among the acquired books was "the History of Russian seafaring", "encyclopedia of the Tsar of Moscow and the Imperial St. Petersburg", "the Life of the Russian monarchs", etc.Inspired by successful deal, the scammer the next day brought "order" to book products already on 54 thousand rubles. This time the driver of the artist refused to pay for brought book. Back in Moscow, the singer immediately went to the police and wrote a statement, according to InterMedia."The courier was detained. Читать полностью -->

Friends Magomayev paid tribute to the artist

titleLate last night in the restaurant "national" family and friends remembered a great artist Muslim Magomayev. The Maestro passed away 40 days ago.No cameras and crowds, as it was at the funeral: in a quiet environment near the Kremlin walls were about fifteen people, among whom were Julius Guzman, Alexander Maslyakov, Joseph Kobzon. By the way, Joseph Davydovich managed to persuade the widow Tamara Sinyavskaya for the first time to eat properly. As it became known LIFE.RU with that fateful day, when the Muslim Magometovich, this strong woman was noticeably thinner because could hardly look at food. Tamara Ilinichna, according to close associates deserted her family, was noticeably thinner. For 40 long days, she had forgotten what Breakfast and lunch, keeping the tone of sweet tea. Читать полностью -->

Ex-via GRA " has become a model

title25-year-old Meseda Bagaudinova known as the former soloist sex trio "via GRA", after leaving the group found a worthy lesson. Slender actress leaned in the model.CareerBurning brunette six years was for the opportunity to perform on stage: dancing, choreography, vocals. Having achieved massive success, Meseda took the initiative in their own hands and offered his person to the producers of the group "via GRA". A little over a year Chechen Princess was charmed with her voice and beauty of millions of fans. However, unable to withstand competition, Meseda left the post of the soloist of the famous trio and conveyed his Hope Granovskaya.ReincarnationAfter leaving the group, puhloguboy for some time the star was in a difficult financial situation. All the fans, once overindulgent expensive gifts, vanished like smoke, and Meseda thinking about further existence. Читать полностью -->

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